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Certified Translation Services

CTS was founded as one of the premier certified Arabic language translation service in the Greater Toronto Area. The demand for other languages lead to creating a Certified Translation Services company that would be able to accommodate any and all languages. We offer certified services that are recognized and accepted by official government uses such as passport translations and any legal documents such as marriage and birth certificates. We also serve the business and legal sectors, as well as many other industries.


We Guarantee:

  • Certified document translation accepted by the government of Canada and world wide

  • Confidentiality in all matters

  • Live interpretation for legal or business uses

  • Video/Audio Translation

  • Precise and quick turnaround times



Our professionals and accredited interpreters are available for On-site, Consecutive or Simultaneous assignments. We are capable of assisting you in over 40 languages with:

  • Medical Appointments

  • Bilingual/Multilingual Events

  • Negotiations

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Other interpretation needs

  • Business Meetings

  • Court Hearings

  • Arbitration Hearings

  • Conventions

  • Voice-overs          


CTS professional translators can assist you with document translation in over 40 languages. Our state-of-the-art language technology enhances accuracy resulting in cost-effective, quality translations. Services include:

  • Terminology & Content Management

  • Cultural Content Revisions

  • Regulatory Consulting

  • Application/Product Localization

  • Typesetting/Pre-press

  • Document/Repository Management

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